Bio-One of St. Charles decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

This Week With Bio-One STC

Author: Megan and Amanda Boccardi

This week we were busy- busy helping others as we do each and every job. Summer time is our busy season due to smells becoming more conspicuous, people are out drinking and hanging with friends and family, and crime is on the rise. Since we are in the season of Spring, we are starting to get into that "busy" season and this season eases us into running every day from job to job and bid to bid. A week in the life of Bio-One changes each and every week for we never know how our month will go, our week will go, our day will go, or even our night. Being prepared to stop whatever we are doing at the drop of a hat has become our second nature.

Monday this week started us off with a MRSA job in the early afternoon- a job where our technician was ready and headed to immediately. Our client's dog had passed from MRSA and she wanted her home disinfectd in case any traces were left from her pet. Our new technician, who we just certified, was ready to help her and responded quickly and was very thorough in the sanitation process. The gratitude and sense of safety our client felt when our technician was finished was worth more than anything else we could have been given.

Then came an undiscovered death/decomposition call from a property manager who we have previously done work for. He manages several properties and sadly one of his tenants was found deceased by his roommate who was out of town for a few days. Our technicians again responded immediately and remediated the apartment bedroom where the body was found. A few days undiscovered is not high on the scale of contamination and work to be done- but it causes just enough damage where Bio-One is needed. The next day we received a call for another undiscovered death/decomposition but this one sounded more extensive- the man was deceased for over a month before he was found. His son called us desperate for help and feeling lost on what to do. Our full crew responded to the father's home and worked for 9 hours which included them practically performing a demo of the entire bathroom where he was found. The bodily fluids had soaked through two layers of flooring and two layers of sub-floor into the basement. After our work was completed and our ozone machine ran for several hours, the house smelt clean and the house was now safe for habitation.

Our phone was ringing non-stop this week- many potential clients called gathering information on their current situations asking the experts for advice and direction. We build relationships with our clients, relationships that are formed from the first phone call where trust has been established. Being in this business, Amanda and I have to be trustworthy and honest to all potential clients and current clients. Compassion and empathy have to be there towards our clients, and those qualities cannot be fake (people hear and see right through forced compassion and empathy). Sincerely we are here to help, and sincerely we always do.

Thank you!