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Police Week - Back the Thin Blue Line

Author: Megan and Amanda Boccardi

Working for the "man" in the corporate world with deadlines and goals to reach, stress can grow on an individual to the point of dreading the idea of coming into work. Work is supposed to be fun and challenging, but for many work becomes mundane and boring to the point of mental anguish. Same goes for our first responders who work in the most stressful environments known to the working man or woman. They do not exactly work in a corporate environment and many do not have desks- they have a patrol car, ambulance, or fire truck they spend most of their time in- but they also develop the same stressful feelings of goals to reach, deadlines to beat, and becoming frustrated about not feeling appreciated by their peers, superiors, and the very community they serve on a daily basis.

Reports, reports, reports. Police, Fire, and Paramedics know what I am talking about. Those reports alone can make the job stressful. Shift work is stressful on the body, especially as officers get older. There is something unnatural about being wide awake at 3 a.m. prepared for if a disaster strikes or major crime takes place, you are ready to handle it, while most everyone else is asleep in their warm beds. What about those major cases officers take on where they do everything right from the first report, to the last interview, to the last piece of evidence needed to put a suspect behind bars, and their case gets dropped by the prosecuting attorney's office? What about all of that time and effort the officer or detective put in, all of that heart, all of that sweat and pain- what happens to all of that? It gets pushed aside for the next case to be handled, the next case that takes up the officer's time, heart, and energy. Yes, police officers chose their profession so they should just deal with the stresses, heartache, and let downs, right? Just because they made the brave decision to protect those who cannot protect themselves does not disregard the effects the job has on these men and women. They are human, and they feel just like everyone else.

I am proud to have worn the uniform for the years I wore it. I am so proud of the officers who continue to patrol their beats to catch a criminal in the act or prevent crime from occurring. I am so proud of my detective friends who take on some of the worst cases such as child abuse, homicide, sexual assaults, burglaries- the list goes on and on- and still find a way to go home at night, unwind, and enjoy their family without bringing the stresses of work home with them. I love my brothers and sisters in blue and have nothing but the utmost respect for them and what they stand for. Another reason I chose Bio-One as the business to open is because I knew how involved the Bio-One offices across the country were with their law enforcement.

I still get to be involved in the law enforcement community and I get to volunteer my time and give back which is so fulfilling. Our corporate office and all of the Bio-One offices across the U.S. are huge supporters of my brothers and sisters in blue. Our founder and corporate office are such big supporters, they have offered a chance for an officer injured in the line of duty who cannot be in law enforcement anymore or have very limited abilities from the injury to be a Bio-One franchise owner by paying for all of the opening costs. How many businesses, corporations, franchises have offered that to our law enforcement community? None. Check out campaign if you or someone you know would be interested in owning a Bio-One franchise and becoming a part of our family. The first office awarded may be happening this week for Police Week but there are a few more offices to be awarded in the future.