Bio-One of St. Charles decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Bio-One Shines Above All Competitors

Bio-One takes pride in going above and beyond for clients on a daily basis. We strive to be better than our competitors and it comes easy to us. Those of us who open Bio-One offices are buying into a franchise that focuses on Helping First, Business Second. Helping First, Business Second is not only our motto but our way of life. Clients not only see but feel how sincere we are when it comes to wanting to help them through a hard or tragic time of their life. But how are we different from our competition? If you google bio-hazard clean up, blood clean up, suicide clean up, homicide clean up, undiscovered death clean up, feces clean up, or hoarding clean up, a handful of companies come across your first page- Bio-One STC being in the top three usually. Why contract Bio-One STC to do the work? Why trust us to help you during a personal devastating event?


There are many ways Bio-One shines above all competitors. We are locally owned and when you call us, you get the owner answering your call, not a call service. Bio-One gets involved with the community like no other crime and trauma scene cleaning companies. At each event Amanda and I sponsor or volunteer, we are the only company of our kind. Why is that? What we do for a living is unique and can dramatically help someone who did not know there was help out there- why wouldn't companies like us get out there and educate others on how we CAN help during the utmost difficult times in a family's life. Why are we the only company of our kind volunteering in the community and giving back? Law enforcement in our area know of Amanda and I and of Bio-One because we personally get involved in what they are doing in the community and help whenever we can. Being previous law enforcement ourselves, it is obvious we not only highly respect our officers, but are so grateful for them and what they do on a daily basis that most people will never even know about.

When going on bids, Amanda and I are engaged with our clients. We are personal with them, not business like showing up in a suit, but showing up as if needed we can start work right away. Sincerity in listening to their needs and really wanting to help goes a long way and that is the impression our client gets on every bid. When working on a hoarding bid/proposal for a potential client, we take our time writing a minimum of a four page proposal which is oriented and designed for our client in mind. After going over our proposal, the client has a clear understanding of what exactly Bio-One represents and what exactly will be done during the project at hand. There are no bait and switch tactics and/or hidden costs- what our client sees is what our client gets- transparency is our goal.

Above all else, Amanda and I with Bio-One STC truly care for others and truly want to help others- that is why we got into this business and why we were law enforcement for years. We did not open this business to gain a profit; we opened this business to help others, be involved in the community, as well as be our own bosses. Pride in what we do is not only apparent but 'in your face' when you to speak us- we cannot hide our love for our company and what we do- nor should we. We know we are the leading company in the nation for crime and trauma scene cleaning and there is no question as to why. Bio-One owners are hand picked and share the same qualities and values; we all live by 'Helping First, Business Second'.