Bio-One of St. Charles decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Our All Star Technicians

Author: Megan and Amanda Boccardi

I have to blog today about our all star technicians we are so fortunate to have working with us. As any business owner knows, good help is so hard to find. Employees can be lazy, unreliable, complacent, unappreciative, and a little too comfortable with their employer and with their job as a whole. Becoming complacent and a little too comfortable is common when working for the same employer for a long period of time, but with our company, those qualities can be endangering to our day to day operations. I've stated before what we look for in our technicians and also that we are hiring one more technician. Our current full time technicians not only exhibit all of those qualities we need in our techs, but go above and beyond on every job which impresses us and what they are capable of.

Just yesterday our two full time technicians helped a family that was dealing with a loved one who was undiscovered as deceased for a long period of time. The family reached out to make sure their supervisors knew how respectful and professional our technicians were when on scene and while working. That compliment is one of MANY we have received from clients in the previous weeks. Not only are our technicians working hard on scenes, remaining professional and respectful, they are also dealing with a number of things that typical titled technicians in other fields are never faced with. Gross filth conditions, feces (human and animal), blood, vomit, very strong odors, dead animals, mold, urine, hazardous conditions working on rooftops/hoarder's homes/attics/crawl spaces/etc., and last but not least, working with families who have just experienced a major tragedy/loss. When thinking about what kind of person we need as a technician, that person must be very special. And we have TWO!

These guys work in the worst conditions, in hot bio-hazard suits, getting strenuous workouts, and they never complain, they never throw up their hands and say they are "done", they never quit. Both are ready to go help a family at all times of the day, and leave whatever event they are at to handle the scene efficiently and timely. I cannot say enough about our two full time technicians we currently have. We do need one more full timer, but the way these two work, there is not much they cannot handle together. It has been a hard challenge for Amanda and I to find those technicians we trust on scenes without one or both of us being there, but we have finally found our all star full time technicians! Way to work guys- you make Bio-One shine above all else!