Bio-One of St. Charles decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Your Health is Our Concern

Author: Megan and Amanda Boccardi

Over the past couple weeks, Bio-One STC has been busy with a variety of jobs, and health has been the concern on some of our client's minds. Bio-One uses proprietary chemicals designed to kill bacteria and blood borne pathogens. These chemicals are so versatile and have so many purposes. Crime scene remediation is not the only service we provide- we too are versatile and can serve so many purposes.

Cat urine remediation sounds almost impossible to anyone who knows the damage cat urine can bring. Using our chemicals, not only can we get rid of the smell of cat urine, but remediate the affected area(s) and bring the home to a safe condition all while smelling fresh. We had a cat urine remediation job just recently and it took our crew two days, and our clients are beyond happy. The home smelt so bad of cat urine, as soon as we walked into the front door, it was like a wind of cat urine hit us in the face. A child with asthma had just moved into this house and her asthma began to act up on a daily basis from the smell. Thankfully we were able to give our client's daughter a safer place to live.

Have you ever heard of C Diff, also known as Clostridium Difficile, and did you know Bio-One can remediate a home affected by it? Usually the elderly are diagnosed with this infection, or a person who has been on antibiotics for a long period of time. This infection causes the person to have diarrhea- often times uncontrollably. Many elderly are hospitalized with this infection multiple times. Do you know why? Because the bacteria in the feces is alive, and if feces or particles of it end up on any surfaces of the home, the patient can potentially come home from the hospital, touch those surfaces containing the live infectious bacteria, and contract the infection all over again. Elderly have died from this infection- it is not something to be taken lightly- and Bio-One can help! We fog the entire home carefully, then using our amazing chemicals, we literally disinfect every surface of the home the person has touched or could touch- making sure the patient comes home to a safe environment.

We pride ourselves in our work because our we can literally save lives. We understand how our chemicals work and we know how to use them appropriately. Without our chemicals, we could not properly remediate scenes of/with blood, feces, and contagious bacteria. If you want something done the right way, call Bio-One STC!