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St. Louis - The New Worst City in Missouri to Live In

St. Louis is a great place to live with many attractions that appeal to many different cultures and generations. Between the City Museum, Magic House, Art Museum, St. Louis Zoo, Science Center, Busch Wildlife, Cardinals Games, Blues Games, Fox Theater, and the new St. Louis Aquarium opening soon in Union Station- we as St. Louisans are proud to live in or near a city that contains so much diversity in culture and entertainment. Crime stats prove that despite having great major league teams and several area attractions, our city is not the safest and the population drop is exhibiting just that. The violent crime rate in St. Louis is one of the highest in the country. St. Louis County Police Department averaged approximately 4.2 murders per 100,000 people, and crimes committed by guns have increased by 12% since 2010. St. Louis City Police Department averaged approximately 57.7 murders per 100,000 people.

Named "The Worst City in Missouri to Live In" last year, the people of St. Louis city and St. Louis county are moving away. Last year, St. Louis lost 4,500 residents which was the highest drop since 2010. Some people argue that our city is declining and the contrary is the truth- the city is growing and evolving. Either way, our crime stats do not lie and crime is on the rise. Considering crime stats are growing, the need for companies like us, Bio-One, are on the rise.

The suicide rate in the St. Louis area has sky rocketed 15% in the past 15 years. We see many violent crimes in our line of work, however we may even see more suicides. Mental illness is the main path that leads to suicide since studies have shown that more than 90 percent of people who took their own life could have been diagnosed with a mental illness or had been diagnosed. Just like our crime rates, suicide rates are steadily climbing each year. Even though positive changes are being made with our law enforcement and judicial system with regards to dealing with and handling victims and criminals of mental illness, there is still more work to be done.

Ways to help prevent you from being a victim to the rising crime in St. Louis area are simple: Be aware of your surroundings, avoid walking alone in parking garages and dark areas, plan out your route ahead of time so getting lost in an unknown area is preventable, keep your vehicle doors locked while it is parked and while you are driving, and especially if alone- if asked by a bystander for money do NOT reach into your purse to look for something to give him or her- that takes your eyes off of the bystander and he or she could strike you when you are not looking. These acts may seem simple, however people fall victim to crime everyday by simply not being aware of their surroundings.