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How to Become a Crime Scene Cleaning Technician

Author: Megan and Amanda Boccardi

We get many inquires each month on how to become a crime scene cleaning technician as well as inquiries on if we are hiring. The great thing about working with Bio-One, we train our technicians and put them through all of the training they need to properly clean a crime scene. Amanda and I of Bio-One STC are fortunately trainers ourselves, so we can train our technicians and get them certified once they are hired. There is classroom training, tests online, and on the job training that gets each tech confident on how to go into a scene and tackle it in a proficient and safe way.

When interviewing a potential technician, we mainly look for certain qualities and traits. Our technicians must be honest, efficient, professional, empathetic, respectful, punctual, possess common sense, possess strong integrity, and last but not least- compassionate. Dealing with families who just suffered the worst loss of their lives, our technicians have to possess those qualities. For our line of work, we also need technicians who are flexible and willing to work at all hours of the night, weekends, and sometimes holidays. Crime and trauma does not take a break after 5 p.m. during the week and does not stop on the weekends and holidays. Availability is also important since we never know when an important emergency call will come in, so being available to get to a job within the hour is a requirement.

This job is not for everyone. We see more than what the average person sees. Blood, feces (human and animal), suicides, homicides, shootings, hoarder's homes in the utmost worst conditions are all things we see on a daily basis. A weak stomach need not apply. Seeing how some people live out of depression to create a hoarded home and seeing what evil people can do at crime scenes can take a toll on some people. We have a job to do- we go in with professionalism and empathy and make the horrific scene disappear. Hoarding jobs are very hard work but seeing how the residence looks after we are finished from where it started is extremely satisfying for us and our clients. We may be hiring in the near future since our busy season is approaching- so if you possess those qualities and can take on the responsibility of being 'on call'- give us a call!