Bio-One of St. Charles decontamination and biohazard cleaning services


September 18, 2020
September Training

Join us in welcoming new offices - Oscar (West Palm Beach, FL) Cory (Orange, CA) Jamil (Santa Clarita, CA) Congrats on becoming part of the Bio-One family! 

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September 4, 2020
Bio-One Wrap

Bio-One is a discreet operation so you don't have to worry about a sensitive situation. Secondary vehicles can be used for events and wrapped! Here is one of our most recent vehicle wraps! If you know of someone in need of our services, please take a look at our locations to find the nearest Bio-One office near you. Stay safe!

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August 14, 2020
New Franchise Training

Kicking off August with a full, BOTS training class. Join us in welcoming the following new offices owners: Jason (Chula Vista, CA) Roxana and Juan Pablo (Marion County, IN) Ian (Long Beach,CA) Michael (Chattanooga, TN) Kimberly and Rob (St. George, UT) In addition to techs being trained from a few of these new offices, we also have two […]

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July 31, 2020
Bio-One Brings the Popcorn

Bio-One in Atlantic City brings the popcorn to a local charity event! We love seeing empty popcorn machines, awesome T-shirts, and smiling faces supporting great causes. Thank you for showing up and supporting your community.  If you know of someone in need of our services, please take a look at our locations to find the nearest Bio-One office near you. […]

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July 23, 2020
Bio-One On A&E Hoarders

Bio-One On A&E Hoarders Bio-One had the honor of being a part of A&E’s Hoarders, season 11, episode 1. This episode featured a woman who had hoarded her husband’s home and left it in a desperate condition. The Bio-One team, alongside a therapist, professional organizer, family helpers, and the fire department, helped remove and clean the […]

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July 17, 2020
Helping a Veteran's Family

Bio-One recently had the honor of helping a Veteran's family with a cleanout. He had worked at Minneapolis airport for 30+ years as a mechanic and was being sent home to Texas. These are the moments we really appreciate what we do at Bio-One. We are honored to help and support his family. Thank you for serving our […]

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July 10, 2020
Safe Practices

We love seeing Bio-One offices send in their mask pictures! Everyone is looking awesome and staying safe. Thanks for doing your part!

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June 26, 2020
June Bio-One Training

Bio-One has a whole group of new franchises in training! We love seeing fresh faces and welcoming an awesome bunch of people into the Bio-One family. Thank you everyone for coming out to training and we can't wait for you to open! 

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June 12, 2020
Bio-One Stays Safe In Style

We have both Sandi E. and Sandy L. in the corporate office wearing Bio-One's custom masks! As COVID-19 is still very much present, Bio-One continues to wear masks. While wearing a mask isn't new in the crime scene cleaning world, now we can wear them in style in the corporate office and out in the world. Stay safe everyone! 

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