Bio-One of St. Charles decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Bio-One Backs the Thin Blue Line

Author: Megan and Amanda Boccardi

Many franchises across the United States are run by previous law enforcement officers and veterans. Supporting law enforcement and veterans starts at our founder and corporate office and follows through to each individual office. All three franchises in Missouri are ran by previous law enforcement officers- that is not a coincidence. Our corporate office makes buying a Bio-One franchise affordable for your every day man, or woman, because it has been proven that with this line of work- the owners have to be driven, hard working, and in this business for the right reason- to help people.

That being said- we at Bio-One STC focus much of our marketing attention on our local police departments. Even though we no longer wear the uniform, work those awful car crashes on the icy highways, work with neglectful and abusive parents, arrest that intoxicated combative driver, solve that fraud case and bring solution to the victim- we remember the heart and heart ache that goes into and comes with the job, and we will never forget. Sometimes I miss being an officer, but I am helping people in a different way now, and I love my job. I also love how I can still be involved with the law enforcement community.

Every event we have sponsored involving law enforcement, none of our competitors have attended or sponsored. Unlike our competitors, we not only SAY we support the thin blue line, we SHOW we support the thin blue line. If you want to support your local police departments go on their Facebook pages and take a look at what events they have going on. There are Coffee With a Cop events often, Fallen Hero Rides, Trivia Nights, MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) events, and there is even a fun event coming up- 2018 STL Day on the Runway for the Special Olympics involving pulling a plane on the St. Louis Lambert International Airport runway. Not only will police departments be competing against each other in pulling a plane but also local business owners. Getting involved in the community and the people who keep it safe is not only important but our way of life.